April 20, 2013

Pajama Drive

Today’s the first time for me to go to JKT48 theater! I was supposed to go there with A and Y, but Y didn’t win the ticket so only A and I went there.
Today’s show was Pajama Drive, performed by JKT48 trainee. I don’t really know the trainee members, but they’re good actually, and I want to watch them again! My favourite song was shonichi, actually it’s my most favourite song of all AKB48 songs. 
After watching them, I still don’t have oshi from the trainee, but there’s one whom I like to look at lol. Her name’s Vanka and she’s sooo young, only 12 years old. Her hairstyle suited her really well. During the handshake after the show, I was sooooooooooo excited to look at her closely because I really like her hairstyle lol. And I’m happy because I got the message card written by her lol.
I wonder what I would be if I were one of them………………………………

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