April 22, 2013

Food Food Food and Food

I was thinking about going on diet, to lose a few kg. Unfortunately I bought lots of food yesterday lol.
I went to Grand Indonesia yesterday, to visit pop up market. But I wasn’t really in the mood to shop clothes and such so I didn’t buy any there.
I had dinner at Sushi Tei, there’s this new sushi called salmon cheese jigen or something I forget
I also ordered shishamo karage as always~
I also ate takoyaki and sushi which I don’t know the name though I’ve eaten it many times.
Then I went to foodhall and bought a lot of snacks lol
I also bought this cheese dip
and dorayaki………………
and I finally found marks & spencer’s chocolates which I really love in indonesia!!
I guess I’ll be a few kg heavier for the next 2 weeks :’(

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