April 30, 2013

Today's Highlight

OOP. Object Oriented Programming. It's supposed to be programming. Codes. OOP mid term exam was............sad. I was like doing an english exam rather than OOP, because I just randomly made up stories and such, about those programming terms. So sad. 

I cut my dog's nail. It was to short and he screamed and it started bleeding. He freaked out, so did I. I apologised to him many times but he got angry and he acted like a spoiled kid (or dog) to my mom and he didn't event want to look at me or move from his place at all. When I wanted to move him, he growled -_- Then when I grabbed a snack, my snack, he just came to me in lightning speed and it seems his paw didn't hurt at all -_- and my mom called him "drama dog" lol

April 28, 2013


I was shopping snacks at foodhall yesterday, and I saw BIG strawberries!! I'm pretty sure yamada ryosuke will love these enormous ichigo XD
I also found an orange in chocolates corner -_- what is it doing there......?
Then there's also this lindor which I was quite attracted to........look so classy
and I bought................ cheez ballz!!!
there's also some other things but I haven't taken their pictures yet~

Sausage and Salami Pancakes

I went to sency with my mom yesterday and had dinner at Pancious. I was craving for pancakes a few days ago and finally I got to eat them yesterday lol.
I ate Sausage and Salami Pancakes and I couldn't finish it all because I was so full by eating 1 1/2 pancakes, perhaps I should order single instead of double pancakes -_-
I also wanted to eat sweet pancakes but I want savoury pancakes as well so I ended up with savoury one with a very sweet glass of drink. I had oreo milkshake, and I couldn't drink it all as well -_-

April 27, 2013


I bought that Panda-shaped snack last week, and I ate it two days ago
This is the front part
and the back part
I don't know what to talk...... I just watched shonichi by JKT48 again, and I'm just speechless..... the team B version is okay, but seeing JKT48 sing it..... ahhhh why was I born in 1994 -_-


There was this day, when I was craving for milk but there’s only WRP milk….. So I bought it because I really wanted to drink milk yet there’s no other milk… I got to fulfil my craving, but I don’t like the taste though -_- Perhaps it’s indeed good for those who are on diet because it tastes not so good….as a milk, chocolate flavoured milk…..

April 26, 2013

How I Met Your Mother

I've been doing How I Met Your Mother marathon since Tuesday. I'm still in season 2, because last tuesday M went to my place and I had to stop watching for a while, for the rest of the day, not really, I continued watching it till midnight -_- Then the next day, I had to put my car to the service centre or something for its 6-monthly service. Then M asked me to go to CP, I should have refused it, stupid me, she's got a lot of friends! why should I pity her for being "alone" at liberica yet she's with a guy when I got there -_- thus I watched the show for only 2 or 3 eps -_- and yesterday I had english mid term exam, and finally I got to watch for hours long again!

April 22, 2013


I wanna dye my hair black…..I’m already bored with bright hair color -_-
This is my hair colour……under yellow light(?) and my hair looks so dry -_- This pic was taken 2 weeks ago, beside me is “Ijo”, she likes green so much even her facebook last name is “Ijoo” so everyone calls her “Ijoo”.
Then this was right after my hair was dyed, under white light, my thighs look incredibly fat -_-
I think I’ll dye my hair black next month or the month after next month… then I’ll have pink highlight which I’ve always dreamt of :)

Food Food Food and Food

I was thinking about going on diet, to lose a few kg. Unfortunately I bought lots of food yesterday lol.
I went to Grand Indonesia yesterday, to visit pop up market. But I wasn’t really in the mood to shop clothes and such so I didn’t buy any there.
I had dinner at Sushi Tei, there’s this new sushi called salmon cheese jigen or something I forget
I also ordered shishamo karage as always~
I also ate takoyaki and sushi which I don’t know the name though I’ve eaten it many times.
Then I went to foodhall and bought a lot of snacks lol
I also bought this cheese dip
and dorayaki………………
and I finally found marks & spencer’s chocolates which I really love in indonesia!!
I guess I’ll be a few kg heavier for the next 2 weeks :’(

April 21, 2013

Horrible Week

This week's such a horrible week (except yesterday when I watched JKT48). My flu has gotten worse, next week is mid-term exam week. Only a few people signed up for the competitions. Other people start blaming the promotion team. Really..... if you don't know anything just shut the fuck up -_- People were asking me why I was so quiet this week, it's because my fucking sore throat, indeed. Perhaps they think I was quiet because I was sad and they saw my swollen eyes. But it's not the reason, and they still want me to tell them that's the reason, whatever, who the fuck cares.

I miss those days when I was just lazying around for the whole day........

I wish my health will get better next week :/

April 20, 2013

Pajama Drive

Today’s the first time for me to go to JKT48 theater! I was supposed to go there with A and Y, but Y didn’t win the ticket so only A and I went there.
Today’s show was Pajama Drive, performed by JKT48 trainee. I don’t really know the trainee members, but they’re good actually, and I want to watch them again! My favourite song was shonichi, actually it’s my most favourite song of all AKB48 songs. 
After watching them, I still don’t have oshi from the trainee, but there’s one whom I like to look at lol. Her name’s Vanka and she’s sooo young, only 12 years old. Her hairstyle suited her really well. During the handshake after the show, I was sooooooooooo excited to look at her closely because I really like her hairstyle lol. And I’m happy because I got the message card written by her lol.
I wonder what I would be if I were one of them………………………………

April 14, 2013

Body Painting

A few days ago, I bought this face deco kit for promotion of the event, but rather than using it on a face which is way too embarrassing, so I use it on my hands, and so do my friends.
Then yesterday I was quite bored at the booth so I just drew on my friend’s hands randomly lol

April 13, 2013


It’s been a really looooooooong time since the last time I blogged. I’ve been busy, I still have a little free time but I’d rather use it to take a rest so I haven’t blogged for a while.
I’m still doing that promotion thing. It’s not really good for now, as the event has been announced for almost a week yet only one person has registered :’( They just somewhat don’t wanna agree with the rules, don’t have enough friends on their own classes to be on a team, or just simply wanna register on the last minute -_-
The first video published didn’t really have a good achievement so I made another video on my own. It’s really sucks since I didn’t plan to publish it at all but then it’s been published after all -_- Check it out anyway! 

This week, from monday to saturday, I spent my life on the booth waiting people to register from 9am to 5pm but……………………….only one has registered -_- Today I’ve been really sleepy as I always sleep at 2 or 3am and wake up at 7am this week, and I still have to do it till next week :/
I hope I’d able to update my blog daily just like I used to do….because there’s a lot that I wanna share about. I wish I have more free time :’)