March 11, 2013

Work Hard Hard Work

I always sleep really late lately……. and last week was a bizarre week ever since I was pointed as the coor…..I wish I was pointed as the coor of that annual event rather than a new event like now… That annual event still has about 9 or 10 months to go since their first preparation which is now, and this new event has less than 3 months since our first preparation, to finish them all omg -_- and the target for the volunteers is 50 so I gotta work really hard and I don’t know how to get that 50 people as the volunteers in one week -_- I do wish it’ll reach over 50 applicants but still……I’m just not confident enough -_- and till now I still haven’t got people to help me in my division!!!!!! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
Last friday we had little meeting because only a few people could attend it, we were more to do our work though rather than talking things…and we finally got the name for our event last friday. I’ve been busy mostly by making the content for the volunteer recruitment poster and the announcement on socmed and these took 4 days till we got the final results -_- the dpi rejected a lot because of this and that but finally they got accepted -_- Then I was also revising my working timeline so many times because of some works are postponed and vice versa -_- Then I also got to supervise the design of the post so I could make sure that it’s persuasive enough. I personally say the design isn’t persuasive enough though, and the idea I suggested isn’t used because it took more time to do and we’re really in a rush -_- but it’s better than the first design though because I kinda put art feeling on it LOL. I’ve been reading about persuasion, promotion, and leadership as well as references to do my work because I’m somewhat a perfectionist though I’m lazy. There’re also other works to do but they don’t really mind me because they don’t really take a time to do it like the budget planning, listing media partner, and such.

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