March 1, 2013


It’s been a really looooooong time since the last time I felt TGIF. But today, thanks god it’s friday! lol. I had to go to campus last semester every saturday for math classes yet friday I had no class at all so I really didn’t feel tgif at all. But this semester I don’t have any class on saturday so finally I can feel this feeling again lol.
Actually I had two classes today, one was the lecture on auditorium on the morning and the other was the practical thingy on the afternoon. But since no one wanted to attend the morning class and so did I, I just skipped it and sleep till noon. I got up because of the notification sound on my phone while there’re my friends were chatting on the group chat and it actually turned me mad but I kinda didn’t wanna start my day in bad mood so I just ignored it and did my best to be patient.
I had to attend a meeting today at 1pm because the coor texted me and I was too lazy to look for reasons to not attend it so I just gave up and came. And R drove my car again because he needed a ride so I didn’t have to drive on my own yay! I had to leave before the meeting ended though because I had class at 3.20. I was so grateful that I got to leave early else I must be involved in harlem shake of the org -_- The class was that programming thingy which I’m really bad at it and I was like giving up every time I had to do the programming -_-  When it was the time to go home, I asked A to accompany me to the parking building because I was too scared to go there alone since it’s night already though it’s not that dark but still I was scared -_-
I got home at 8pm and I was so hungry because I didn’t have breakfast or lunch. I actually wanted to have dinner at pepper lunch with my mom but she got a free ticket for java jazz tonight so she just go there anyway -_- In the end, I made tamagoyaki even though I’ve craved for a steak since yesterday. The tamagoyaki I made today tasted good as usual because of the dashi lol. But the look was a complete failure -_- I wonder why I’m getting worse every time I cook it -_- 
Here is the “fatal error” tamagoyaki -_-

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