March 1, 2013


My skin has been incredibly soft lately and I don’t know why. It’s sooooo soft that I’m amazed and wonder how it can be so. My skin has never been like this before, or as far as I remember, has never been this soft. Whatever the cause is I’m so happy that even I myself like to touch it lol. I realized this last saturday and I’ve been thinking since then what has made my skin super soft like this. I drink water quite a lot, but it never gave me any effect but less pimples so I don’t think it’s the reason of the softness of my skin now. And since two or three weeks ago I’ve been eating gelatins/jellies almost everyday and I eat less fast food and anything oily and I’ve been eating baked food more rather than the fried ones. And last week I think I ate gelatins most of the times whenever I wanted to eat which usually I ate unhealthy snacks and such. I’ve consumed less chocolates as well. I’ve been eating healthier food lately, I even have been eating fruits! And I also drink orange juices a couple times a week. Or perhaps could it be the 10 shots of tequila? lol (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

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