March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday A & R !!!

I was so sleepy all daaay  _ノ乙(、ン、)_
There’s an internal sport event for the org in my apt which is basketball game. Since I was bored so I just came down to the basketball field without knowing who’ll be there, usually I wouldn’t go anywhere if I don’t have any friend with me (but I think I have to get rid of this habit). Then there’s no one there so I texted my coor and he said they were still on their way to here -_- So I went up again and not so long he texted me that they had arrived -_- So I went down again to the field and there were people like about 20 or so from the org who joined the event yet there’re only 5 or 6 girls there, I don’t mind though because I’ve got used to with more boys lately because of there’s also only a few girls in my class since I entered uni. I didn’t play the game though, I just watched it with T and others and talked.
Then at night, I went to gancy with my mom because she wanted to buy a vacuum cleaner. We had dinner in sushi tei, and I ate shishamo karage again!
Then I also had matcha tsubuan or something. I actually wanted yukimi daifuku but it was out of stock -_-
Then my mom bought a vacuum cleaner in electronic solution, and I went to a shop to buy a present for my friend whose birthday is today! Happy birthday Rosa! Actually A’s birthday is today as well but I forgot to buy her a present -_- So I’ll buy her present tomorrow -_- Anyway, happy birthday Aga!
I bought five headbands for R. She used to wear them a lot during high school, and I don’t know whether she still wears it occasionally. But I just got them for her lol. Because I think it’s the most suitable present for her especially because they kinda remind of high school. I miss high school so much (。┰ω┰。)
And I think from now on, I won’t chip in with any of my friends from high school anymore because it’s just too troublesome because we don’t go to the same school anymore and we somehow have different “vision and mission” LOL.

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