March 14, 2013


At last, I got members for my division…. the committee just gave us members for each division last night…. at about 12am -_- I didn’t think it was polite to text the in the middle of the night all of sudden, so I just texted them in the morning. I only met 2 of them yesterday, and told them this and that and such. And I already gave them their jobs on the first text lol.
Yesterday was the announcement for volunteer recruitment, at 4pm. Then as I was waiting for the class at 3:20pm, I checked the poster, then I saw something was wrong there so I texted, messaged, and called the dnd person, but he was unreachable -_- So I borrowed my friend’s laptop and fix it myself. It was kinda ugly and odd though, but it’s better than nothing. Then it was soooo close to 4pm so I was in super panic mode, luckily I could handle it~ Then I announced it on the socmed and such. I felt uneasy though because I gave the content to the coor of the org web in such a short notice -_-

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