March 8, 2013

busy busy busy

I still have tons to do but I’m kinda lack of motivation right now.
Yesterday was the first day of me as a volunteer for tfi. I supposed to meet J and J but apparently we didn’t meet each other till it’s over -_- So I was signed to teach the elementary students and I taught them english altogether with another volunteer I met there. There were several volunteers but I was teaching with a volunteer from china and her name’s helen and she said I really look like her deskmate during elementary school. I must be having a twin somewhere in china! Then there were quite a lot of kids for us to teach because those kids were really interested with foreigners so they gathered near us and many kinds were asking questions at the same time and I have to teach them the english for their questions and helen also asked me whenever the kids asked her using bahasa so I was so confused of which one I should answer first -_- The kids really like helen and her friend who is from germany a lot because they’re foreigners and the kids want them to come back and teach them again next week. I’m not sure whether they’re gonna come back as she told me that she’s kinda volunteering a lot and she’s gonna go to tidung island today. It was a really great experience and I also learned a lot since it was my first time being there. I even could forget about all of my work for the promotion thing -_-
I’ve been working so hard for the promotion. And finally I’ll have members for the promotion division next sunday so I’ll get help my work won’t be too much. I’ve done the working timeline and I think it’s fixed for now though I think it may change a little bit because the event proposal still hasn’t been finished yet and I plan to contact the media partners next week and it definitely need the proposal to be sent to them. I’ve done other works as well like contacting the coor of org magz and previous promotion coors and such random things to be done before the other work can be done. Now I’m still doing and thinking about the content for the poster of volunteer recruitment. I just can’t make it persuasive enough :(

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