February 16, 2013


I’m currently using three “smart”phones. One is my iphone which is the primary one, other is my mother’s ex-phone which is the galaxy wonder, and the other is the still new blackberry armstrong.
I use my iphone to do most of things to do on the phone, calling, texting, chatting, playing games, checking soc-med, and so on. I’ve been using it for more than one year, which I’d consider it’s quite a long time for me because I usually get another phone after using it for a year. Either because of the battery drained too fast, I damaged the phone pretty hard, or I just simply a new one.
Then the galaxy wonder is just to play around with the android stuffs which aren’t available for iphone. I didn’t wanna use it at first but I kinda missed the features of android when I was still using the xperia so I use it while my mom uses her new galaxy note 2. Most of the time I only use it to play Pou and just leave it as it is somewhere in my home till the time I need to take care of my pou again.
The blackberry is still new,  I bought it like a few months ago but I rarely use it. I had the gemini one before but it’s now so poorly damaged, still useable but too ugly to be seen. I didn’t even want or ask it but sadly my mom just bought it for me perhaps she thought I wanted to use it too because everyone else was using it as well. Actually I don’t, and because of it I couldn’t ask for a new phone which I wanted at that time because I just got a new unwanted phone from my mom, if I ask for another new one I’d definitely feel guilty because it costs quite some money. My friends, or Indonesians, are so into blackberry that I don’t even know why maybe because they’re just too stupid or something and really into bbm which this takes up their balance most of the time so they can’t reply my text and the stupidest feature of bbm is that it can only be used by using bb so in the end I have to contact them through bbm that’s why I have one. But I haven’t use it for months and I only use it like for 2 weeks after I bought it then my bbm just stayed offline, I didn’t even charged the battery. Then I bought a new number because I only had two numbers which I used for iphone and samsung so I bought a new number which I actually have wanted to buy a new number as well. So the sim card I used for samsung was move to blackberry and I put the new sim card to samsung. Then my bbm went online for two or three days but no one was actually talked to me on it which I feel that I’m all alone and have nobody to talk to like I used to have. So I just stay offline again and who the fuck cares with those bbm things if they really truly want to be my friends then just text me or whatsapp me or use something else that’s available on not-one-device-only. 
However there’s really no one who actually talk to me first unless I talk to them first so I get lonely easily and it’s just too stupid. Because everyone is just too busy with their lives so I’m having this blog to write all the things that I used to talk with my friends. I wish they’ll someday talk to me first and just like the old days we’ll talk about anything stupid or random because now I feel like not having social life at all especially this is holiday and I really miss high school and my old friends. 

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