February 17, 2013

The Plan

My class was planning to go to dufan tomorrow, but because some people can't go on monday so we moved the day to tuesday. Then there's this promotion for minimum 15 students we'll get the price of 80k for each. But it must be paid two days before going to the dufan and it can be paid via transfer during weekday only or cash during weekend which means that we have to pay it today cash at dufan. Unfortunately no one wants or can go to the dufan today, as for me I already told my mom that I wanna go to GI today which I also sacrifice not watchin shokura and jkt48. And because no one replied on the group chat room so the self-
proclaimed leader of this event gives up and just canceled the plan. But some of us still wanna go and we're currently considering to go on wednesday so we can just transfer the payment via atm. So right now I and E are asking our classmates again whether they can join us or not on wednesday. So I think if we can gather at least 15 people by tomorrow we can to to dufan on wednesday. Hopefully we can gather 15 people even though I kinda don't wanna go because of someone but I wanna go because of someone else that I kinda curious about.

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