February 7, 2013


I finished the first paper of the algorithm and programming final exam badly, as I was 99% not sure with my answers. Then I went home because I don't wanna wait for the second paper at campus for four hours...I planned to study though and I studied a little.....and I'm 100% I wouldn't be able to answer the second paper -_- Even my friends aren't studying either...they're playing games at lv 1....
Since I wanted to eat tamagoyaki, so I bought eggs and cooked it as tamagoyaki. I used 4 eggs, sugar, salt, and dashi! The last time I cooked tamagoyaki I didn't use dashi, but this time the tamagoyaki turned really delicious because I used dashi lol. I used the dashi that sold in the supermarket though...as I don't know how to make it...and I stupidly didn't mix it with water first but poured it to the bowl of eggs directly -_- Luckily since I saw it was somewhat weird so I stopped pouring it and mix the dashi powder with water ~,~

Here's the dashi powder that I used!

And sadly the look didn't turn well this time! It was so messed up and the layers were completely a failure -_- But it was still somehow look like tamagoyaki though -_-" But the taste was realllllyyyyyyy good!!!! Thanks to the dashi! lol~

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