February 18, 2013

Prince Waffle

There’s a waffle booth in GI called “Prince Waffle”. I think it’s been there for a long time, but I just bought their waffles yesterday. Their concept of selling waffles is quite interesting but somewhat the same with other sweets booths. It has the original waffle with various flavours (break), then the hot waffles with toppings(grande), and the waffles with ice cream and toppings (freeze).
I bought the Matcha Milk Freeze Waffle. Unfortunately, the waffles available at that time was only the chocollo (chocolate) ones. It was good although a little too sweet for me. And the most important thing was the matcha did taste like matcha lol. I think I’ll try the cheese waffle next time.
I also bought Matcha Cheese Grande Waffle for today. Since I was too lazy to heat it on the microwave so I just ate it cold, which actually it wasn’t bad either. 
This one wasn’t as sweet as the matcha milk, maybe the milk was the cause that the matcha milk freeze one was too sweet. I still like them both though~ lol

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