February 16, 2013


One semester has passed for me as a college student. I study “computer science”, which I don’t think it is quite the same with the “computer science” overseas. I didn’t really study during classes, I only talked with my friends or played with my phones or simply daydreamed about anything. Finally I got to catch up all things one or two days before the exams, the most effective method for me to study though. I did quite bad during the mid-semester exams, but I got much better during the final exams. Even on the subject that I’ve never been really good at it since elementary school, math related subjects. But I got to do well during the semester exam I just feel so happy and delighted for myself, yay! As for the programming, I did better during the final exam as well, I do still have to learn and memorize a lot to catch up for the next semester though else I’ll definitely get troubled lol. As for my classmates, they’re all “okay”. Finally I remember all of them, all about forty seven or eight… As for the org thing, I think I’ve done okay as well. I might not be the best, but I’m trying to be better every time I get the chance. I even got accepted as an activist for another org. Probably I may be busier the next semester, or not. I finally somewhat get used to be a college student, not so much though, I miss and like high school much much much better. Everything is not going as smooth as they’re seen, especially for my study because I’m somewhat an extremely lazy person if I’m not interested with the topics and such. As for now, I don’t think the lessons I’ve had were so hard like what people expect about the computer science major so it must be filled with smart or genius people, which I’m not, I’d rather say they’re challenging though, very very very challenging. 

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