February 13, 2013

Green Tea Jelly

While waiting for the jelly to cool down, I went to salon nearby to do strawberry hair-creambath! It’s like bathing my hair with strawberry cream mixture…..something like that…. I’ve dyed my hair a lot in the past 6 months so my hair is now damaged quite bad -_- There could be more than 2 branches on one strand -_- So my mom told me to go to salon and have that creambath thing. I actually don’t really like it because when I was a kid I did had that creambath thing and the person who did that massaged my head too hard that made me dislike it. But today the person who did the cream bath was actually good so I might have this creambath thing again next month. I researched on the internet first and there are many kinds of cream to do the cream bath. There are chocolate cream, strawberry cream, green tea cream, avocado cream, and so on. And I read that for dyed hair I should have the strawberry one so I had one today!
Then when I got back home, the jelly has already cooled down so here it is!

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