February 23, 2013

Friday Night

I drank too much -_______- I don’t even know why I drank that much -___- My friend bought a bottle of tequila and I drank 10 shots of it and half of flaming waterfall and when I got home I vomited like half of it and till now I’s still somewhat nauseous -_- Luckily I still remember of what happened last night though I was soooooo dizzy and I smoked after a very looooooong time (for me). So there’s four of us but one had to drive later so he only drank 3 shots. Then the rest drank 10-11 shots -_- I was drunk but I was still conscious with everything but I just couldn’t do anything anymore because my head was spinning so bad -_- But E was so strong that she even wasn’t drunk at all so I left all of the payment to her because I couldn’t see my money on my wallet because it was too dark and my head was spinning as well. R was so drunk that he became weird and so lol lol. So K and E helped me and R walking because we couldn’t even walk properly lol.

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