February 26, 2013

First, Second

Today’s the first day of second semester and I was already late lol. I am indeed forever late. The first class was PBO which I don’t really know what it’s about as I was late, but they were talking about games and such and I wasn’t interested and I don’t know anything about it -_- Then the second class was KBP which was completely boring though the teacher didn’t teach but the time flew so loooooooooong. He mostly showed almost everything off and I wasn’t interested at all, he talked about when he studied in usa and such and talked about his blog who the hell wants to stalk his blog anyway -_- 
Half of the students in my class are originally from PBT and I only know one or two though I know the rest who are originally from my class, PCT. And the class was clearly divided into two sections, the left were pbt people and the right were pct people. Just after I finally could get along with the whole class then the time to shuffle the students came -_- I’ve never really talked to the whole class like I did in the first semester, never in high school, junior high, nor elementary school. So I was so happy that finally a shy person (yes i’m indeed a shy person!) like me could “socialize” well. But then now I gotta start from like half of the scratch to know all those pbt people. I hope we’ll get along soon, but I just don’t feel like getting along or meeting new people now -_-
And today’s mr PJ’s birthday, happy birthday! 

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