February 4, 2013

Final Exam: PTI

Last satuday I had PTI final exam. Yes, Saturday!!!! The exam was at 1pm, and I just started studying at 8am…… Although I’m very lazy, but I studied the at least the night before in the past…but now I’m just way tooooo lazy. I read all the multiple choices questions and answers from the book, so I could do the multiple choice section on the exam. I read the slides of the materials, but I couldn’t do the essay and case study sections on the exam -_- I was still able to answer it though, by recalling hard my memory from ICT in high school -_- then I just answered randomly for the rest of the questions that I had no idea what the answers were at all. I hope the lecturer is kind enough to give me good scores though….and the rest of the class as well~

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