February 15, 2013

Final Exam: Linear Algebra

Finally I have done all of the final exams!! The last one was linear algebra, on valentine’s day! I really didn’t understand almost 90% of it and even after I studied it all night I still couldn’t understand it that I wanted to cry so bad. Then rather than stressing myself out, I slept. I slept at 2.30am and I wanted to wake up at 3.30am to continue my study. I did wake up and continue my study, but I couldn’t understand anything so I just slept again. At around 9 I finally woke up and continue my study and I really wanted to burst my tears because I seriously wasn’t ready for the exam which would be at 3pm. Then I kept redoing the exercises and googled and watched youtube videos for those that I really couldn’t do it and understand it. Luckily I understood the materials from the youtube so I could do the exercises that I couldn’t do. Then finally I went to the campus and after I arrived there I came to where my friends were and was completely in panic because I was so sure that I wasn’t ready for the final exam and there’re still lots of things that I don’t understand and can’t do. I asked my friends to teach me fast before the exam but I just couldn’t absorb what they told me as I was really super panic and anxious. Then the final exam started, my friend who got the question paper first told me that the question were difficult, then I got my question paper and saw it and I think the questions weren’t that difficult. I did forget the distance formula and I still am not sure about that number which was similar with the exercise I had. Although I’m not really sure with my answers, some of them, I managed to do it well, and fast! I finished it faster than the others, but because no one had handed their paper yet so I just waited till there’s one and recheck my answers. I don’t know whether my answers were correct or not, but I could answer them, most of them! I was so relieved and happy when I finally got out from that examination room and I went home straight away to continue watching once upon a time~ Hopefully I’ll get good grades for all of my final exams (⌒▽⌒)☆

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