February 5, 2013

Final Exam: Discrete Mathematics

I did better than the mid-sem exam. I studied like crazy since yesterday evening till early 4am then I slept then I woke up at 7.30am then I continued studying again. I’ve never been so passionate in studying math before but since I kinda get my hope up about one of my dreams so I studied really really from the basic which I didn’t know anything till I master it yesterday. But there were still two topics I couldn’t understand till I got to the campus. My friends helped explaining to me, but I still quite confused. I got to answer the question about one of them though…but I couldn’t answer about the other one at all, which was about the fuzzy set -_- There were 5 question, I’m so happy that answered three questions confidently. The other one….I got to answer like half of it, then I’m not quite confident about the other half, and the one about fuzzy logic…..I gave up -_- I drew the graph without even knowing what were supposed to be on that graph -_- I’m happy though since I got to study well last night, and this morning, and I got to answer more than half of the exam confidently, which is one of super rare moments to me especially during math exam! I’m not good at math, but I’m glad for today. I kept telling myself about my dream during studying, and telling myself that I’m almighty and invincible and no one should ever underestimate me and math musn’t defeat me anymore and such and it miraculously boost my mood to study lol.

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