February 19, 2013


Last week I asked C whether we could hang out together because it’s been quite a long time since we did so and I think we should catch up a little about our lives since we rarely talk or chat because she’s too busy with her life and so does M meanwhile I’ve been really doing nothing but playing with fido or tumblr-ing, alone. I asked her to pick the date because she’s the “busy” one and I just could go anytime I want this week. I already told her though that I couldn’t if it’s on monday, but my plan on monday was postponed as well. I actually knew that this won’t happen, but why don’t do so? just to remind that we used to hang out quite a lot..
Then since the dufan this was postponed to tuesday but then it got canceled by the self-proclaimed leader(?) idk but he acted like one. Then I and E managed to got 17 people to go on wednesday so we’re going to dufan baby yay finally it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I wish there’s someone in my class would care more about this and willing to take care this kind of thing but somewhat most of them just wanna go if it’s all taken care of so I did like most of things planning, asking, arranging, and such with the help of E and by asking the opinions of others so tomorrow will go smoothly. But I’m still asking the others though because using the transjakarta will definitely a waste of time and the route becomes way too far rather than using our own car. Unfortunately only my car and R’s are available for tomorrow and no one else wants to use their cars. I still hope that someone will offer their car to be used tomorrow though so we wouldn’t waste too much time tomorrow especially in this rainy season which it may rain whenever it wants.
Then I asked C again last night about our plan this week then today she replied that whether if I could go during weekend instead but I refused because I definitely can’t go anywhere on sunday and most probably I’ll go somewhere on saturday with my mom. Hanging out with my mom sucks but it’s better than with friends because I don’t need to pay for the food and such and I somehow kinda treasure my time with my family now because my friends are too sucks and aren’t available for 24h unlike those bullshits on teen movies. I don’t expect them to be available for 24h or such though but really no one ask about me whether I’m doing okay at least with my studies because they know I have difficulties with my studies especially with that programming one which I got only 44 during mid-semester exam and they know that I’ve always been terrible with math-related subjects, or about my love-life which they actually know that it’s much less interesting with theirs but they know I had some kind of trouble with this why don’t they ask about it at least whether I have a new crush or not or such -_- Probably I’m the only one thinking those as a friend because I don’t have any siblings so I really don’t have anyone I can talk to (^~^)Then C asked what about next week which I definitely cannot because the new schedule of my classes are so-not-hang-out friendly although I actually can go if I will to spare my time during the new semester thingy and my job on the org but they just let me down, like too much and too often so I’d prefer to stay at home and get things done on my home on my own.
and I indeed love being such a bitch, evil, bossy, as it’s in my blood. I don’t have to suffer or hurts because of being too nice, and I do feel happy with being the evil one. and I think you know much better than anyone else of who I am. I’ve always been the same, as evil and cunning as before, it’s up to you whether you wanna see it or not.

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