February 22, 2013


Finally we went to dufan yesterday! It was seriously a hard work to make it happen -_-
I still had to take care of the transportation till midnight with E, M, and R. I seriously didn’t know what to do anymore because I’ve already told them the drawbacks of using transjakarta as planned first because of the route which would be so long and took a lot of time. We were upset because we already told them that it would be a waste of time and such yet the others just didn’t care about it. And when we asked whether anyone would like to lend us one more car no one even bother to reply till we asked them for hundreds times. Then finally I told R about having dinner at PIK then he asked on bbm group yet no one replied. I was already mad so I told R that if they didn’t wanna go there then just the five of us would go and let them do whatever they want after the dufan’s closed. Then just almost midnight, S asked about our rides and he told us that his father offered to help us to get there. Then the plan was changed and I even got headache because of that. 
I couldn’t sleep till 3am yet I had to wake up at 6am to re-check everything again afterward I slept again till 7am. Then I woke up and such then I received a text from T that he said F and him were going to go there using my car as well which I couldn’t refused even though my car was only for 5 people and because of him six people were in my car. We arrived at around 9am and I had to take care of the tickets first. Then finally dufan opened at 10am so we went in after I finished putting sunblock cream on me lol. 
The first attraction we rode was kora kora and it was the first time for me to play kora kora and it wasn’t bad but it was boring for me though I laughed when I saw my friends’ faces which were funny lol. Then we all rode halilintar  twice which wasn’t scary at all but M was scared so her bf and me had to force her to ride it. Next was perang bintang, I’ve always never been good at playing this though. Then we played baku toki and me and E made M as our target lol. The next was tornado but it was like only half of us and the rest were too afraid to ride it. It was my first time to ride it as well so I was kinda scared at first and I screamed a lot like “omg”, “kya”, and I complained a lot about the sunlight because I rode it at 12am -_- Then some of us rode it again for the second time and it was even hotter than the first one. Then we rode kicir kicir which was the first time for me and I actually kinda scared because those who had ridden it didn’t wanna ride it because they said it was too dizzy for them. But I didn’t get dizzy after I rode it……… I even shouted at my friend during the ride to open his eyes while I myself was screaming lol. Next we rode histeria which was the first time for me again, and I was kinda scared again, I screamed at first because of the sudden movement a high place fast, then amazed with the view from the above lol. Then E and me wanted to get the view of the ocean but everyone wanted it as well so we just got it after the third ride and the view was gooooooooooood with the ocean, islands, ships, and some buildings over there. The officer didn’t put the heartbeat sound effect for the third time of our rides so we shouted when we were going up slowly before it went fast. Then finally they put on the heartbeat lol. Then we went for lunch, but I didn’t eat though because I was afraid that I’d vomit. The next was arung jeram and because everyone wanted to ride it yet our belongings couldn’t be taken during the ride (actually they could but I insisted not to DX) else they’d be wet. Then I don’t know whose idea was it to draw the people with a set of card which later on was not really useful because later on those who wanted to go then just go then the rest waited and watch our belongings. Then I, E, M, B, and others which I forget rode it and B went brutal because not all of us were as wet as him so he splashed the water on us and others attacked him as well then while we did it E’s sandal was thrown to the water and it drifted out along the water. Because of that I accompanied her to search for her sandal by riding it again but we couldn’t find it so we rode it again for the third time. Because we didn’t wanna the others to find out and complained about us keep playing them so we went in through the fast pass ticket entrance and climbed over the gate to the other side for non-fast pass user. But we still haven’t found the sandal so finally E bought a new pair of sandals for her. Next we rode niagara gara which the had the longest queue of all the rides we rode. I rode it with E, M, and B. My clothes were almost dry because of the long time of queueing and even though there was water on niagara gara as well but I didn’t get that wet until B splashed us with water again because we were really not that wet after rode it -_- Then I, E, and M went into rumah miring while waiting the others who were still on niagara gara. Then we rode halilintar again but really it wasn’t scary at all for me so I don’t know what to say. Then we rode tornado again because it’s already afternoon and it was cloudy so there was no sun and finally I could open my eyes for full time of the ride. I still screamed, but it was more like screaming of enjoyment like “wooooo” I even said “wow there’s a bird” while I was upside down, literally upside down lol. Then we went to istana boneka because there’s this person who really wanna go there. Then this person also made the boat went left and right till the officer saw it on cctv and told him to not do so on the speaker lol. Then we rode merry go round lol. It was nice to take pictures on it though. Then we wanted to ride ferris wheel as well but it was too late so it was turned off already -_- So we finally went out of dufan and took pictures as a whole then those who had to went home just went home with S’ car and the others went to PIK for dinner. 
Then 14 od us went to ikkudo for dinner. We ate and talk and such. And I don’t really remember about it -_- Then we went home and me, E, R, K and E planned to go to social+ afterwards. I actually didn’t wanna E to come because I didn’t he wasn’t a good person and I wanted to talk like a lot about something but in the end I didn’t talk about me at all and just listened the others and commented and asked about them. The other E didn’t join us at the end because she got into fight with her mom. Then K drove us home using R’s car, and I finally just talked about things like after we sent E home.

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