February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year's Eve

It’s the chinese new year tomorrow! Usually I’d wait till the last minute to do my work, but now I’ve done all of my work even though it’s due for next week except the studying for the last final exam for next thursday. I really have nothing to do and I feel super bored. My mom is away, my friends are having their own life, and I’m left with a life full of boredom where only Fido who cheers me up. I really really wanna do something that takes time so I won’t be wasting time. Luckily there’s bunheads right now at starworld. Although I’ve watched that episode before but I don’t feel bored rewatching bunheads again and again. Before I was sooooooooooo feel like unemployed, like a NETT, not a student, or anything. I read about psychology and so on that hopefully will be useful in the future. But the articles weren’t interesting enough to keep me reading them as they lack of visualisation even though they’re actually really good articles. 
I ordered mcd’s chickens for dinner even though I just ate them yesterday. Actually I wanted to order from another restaurant which was more healthy and cheaper but it was somehow in rest when I called them so I got into bad mood and I called mcd instead -_- but today I ordered mcflurry as well since there’s no more snack at home which actually is good for me so I will stop eating during my boredom.
Aaaaaand because I’ve been sooooo seriously bored so I ate my mom’s yogurt since she just kept it in the refrigerator for a looooong time. It was soooooo sour really really sour. I think I should buy a lot of yogurts the next time I go for grocery shopping since it’s healthy and not as fattening as other snacks and I somewhat don’t have a very good digestion for the moment -_-

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