February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year

Happy chinese new year!!! I don’t do anything special for this year though. I didn’t even visit my family because my mom just got home from semarang at almost 9pm. I didn’t celebrate at all -_- no money for this year, no food either. eh……I ate noodles! instant noodles though -_- but it was kinda awful because I put too much water so I had to put extra seasonings so it’d get tastier -_-
As for my dinner, I had a mille crepe and ice cream. I bought cake batter flavoured ice cream with brownies topping from cold stone. I usually buy green tea flavoured but i’ve been craving for cookie dough yesterday but cold stone only has cake batter which should be somewhat similar so I bought it anyway. I didn’t like the brownies because it was too fudge-y though.
Then I bought the oreo mille crepe (again)! Their mille crepes taste good so I keep buying it -_- And I just know that the price for each is 29k since my mother was the one who usually pay it hehe.
For oreo mille crepe, they use chocolate crepe, unlike the one for the rainbow one. The cream was also mixed with oreo and there were also crumbles of oreo between some of the layers.

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