February 28, 2013

( ̄^ ̄)

I didn’t have any class today so I’ve been for a whole day. 
Yesterday was the first english class since I entered uni! and it was soooooo boriiiiing ( ̄^ ̄) It’s english for business presentation so it mostly taught us about doing presentation in a very formal way. And the lecturer just read those things on the papers and he made it even more boring ( ̄^ ̄) Since I was sooooo bored, before my mood turned to bad so I just answered all of the questions on those papers. Even though my english class in high school was more difficult and such but it wasn’t as boring as I have now in uni ( ̄^ ̄)
The character building class for this semester is about spiritual development or something and I still haven’t decided what my religion is because I prefer to stick on a belief which I don’t know what belief that I believe. I wish my country is more open to a person like me ( ̄^ ̄) So yesterday we had to make a group consisting of 5-6 people and there must be 3 religions in it. Then the 5 of us only have 2 religions so I just said that I was a buddhist to the lecturer so we could make the group. But other students stupidly complained because they couldn’t find the people who’d fullfil the criteria so the lecturer just made the group for us. shit. I don’t really mind though whatever I don’t care with this subject at all.
I made green tea jelly again today. I haven’t taken a pic of it though. I put less sugar than usual because my mom like the green tea one yet she’s diabetic. I also like it with less sugar actually because the green tea flavour can be tasted even more, unlike the others cheap green tea which don’t taste like green tea at all ( ̄^ ̄)

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