February 28, 2013

( ̄^ ̄)

I didn’t have any class today so I’ve been for a whole day. 
Yesterday was the first english class since I entered uni! and it was soooooo boriiiiing ( ̄^ ̄) It’s english for business presentation so it mostly taught us about doing presentation in a very formal way. And the lecturer just read those things on the papers and he made it even more boring ( ̄^ ̄) Since I was sooooo bored, before my mood turned to bad so I just answered all of the questions on those papers. Even though my english class in high school was more difficult and such but it wasn’t as boring as I have now in uni ( ̄^ ̄)
The character building class for this semester is about spiritual development or something and I still haven’t decided what my religion is because I prefer to stick on a belief which I don’t know what belief that I believe. I wish my country is more open to a person like me ( ̄^ ̄) So yesterday we had to make a group consisting of 5-6 people and there must be 3 religions in it. Then the 5 of us only have 2 religions so I just said that I was a buddhist to the lecturer so we could make the group. But other students stupidly complained because they couldn’t find the people who’d fullfil the criteria so the lecturer just made the group for us. shit. I don’t really mind though whatever I don’t care with this subject at all.
I made green tea jelly again today. I haven’t taken a pic of it though. I put less sugar than usual because my mom like the green tea one yet she’s diabetic. I also like it with less sugar actually because the green tea flavour can be tasted even more, unlike the others cheap green tea which don’t taste like green tea at all ( ̄^ ̄)

February 26, 2013

First, Second

Today’s the first day of second semester and I was already late lol. I am indeed forever late. The first class was PBO which I don’t really know what it’s about as I was late, but they were talking about games and such and I wasn’t interested and I don’t know anything about it -_- Then the second class was KBP which was completely boring though the teacher didn’t teach but the time flew so loooooooooong. He mostly showed almost everything off and I wasn’t interested at all, he talked about when he studied in usa and such and talked about his blog who the hell wants to stalk his blog anyway -_- 
Half of the students in my class are originally from PBT and I only know one or two though I know the rest who are originally from my class, PCT. And the class was clearly divided into two sections, the left were pbt people and the right were pct people. Just after I finally could get along with the whole class then the time to shuffle the students came -_- I’ve never really talked to the whole class like I did in the first semester, never in high school, junior high, nor elementary school. So I was so happy that finally a shy person (yes i’m indeed a shy person!) like me could “socialize” well. But then now I gotta start from like half of the scratch to know all those pbt people. I hope we’ll get along soon, but I just don’t feel like getting along or meeting new people now -_-
And today’s mr PJ’s birthday, happy birthday! 

February 25, 2013

Hohohohoholiday is over

Tomorrow will be my first day for the second semester for me. Holiday is over (´∩`。) Actually the first day of the second semester was last thursday, but I didn’t have any class last on thursday, and I was too lazy to go on friday, no class on saturday, and today’s class was canceled because the lecturer couldn’t come as he was too busy with his project or something. I don’t remember what classes I’ll have tomorrow but there’ll be two classes. And tomorrow will be bunheads last episode for the first season!! I don’t know why it has only 18 eps but I read it somewhere that the 18th will be the last. It’s such a great series….. 

February 23, 2013

Friday Night

I drank too much -_______- I don’t even know why I drank that much -___- My friend bought a bottle of tequila and I drank 10 shots of it and half of flaming waterfall and when I got home I vomited like half of it and till now I’s still somewhat nauseous -_- Luckily I still remember of what happened last night though I was soooooo dizzy and I smoked after a very looooooong time (for me). So there’s four of us but one had to drive later so he only drank 3 shots. Then the rest drank 10-11 shots -_- I was drunk but I was still conscious with everything but I just couldn’t do anything anymore because my head was spinning so bad -_- But E was so strong that she even wasn’t drunk at all so I left all of the payment to her because I couldn’t see my money on my wallet because it was too dark and my head was spinning as well. R was so drunk that he became weird and so lol lol. So K and E helped me and R walking because we couldn’t even walk properly lol.

February 22, 2013


Three scores have come out!!! They aren’t good but I passed the minimum score though. But still they aren’t good and I’m really not satisfied. Whenever I did exams confidently I always ended up with not so good scores ;_____;
I’m sooooooooo saaaadddddd!!!!


Finally we went to dufan yesterday! It was seriously a hard work to make it happen -_-
I still had to take care of the transportation till midnight with E, M, and R. I seriously didn’t know what to do anymore because I’ve already told them the drawbacks of using transjakarta as planned first because of the route which would be so long and took a lot of time. We were upset because we already told them that it would be a waste of time and such yet the others just didn’t care about it. And when we asked whether anyone would like to lend us one more car no one even bother to reply till we asked them for hundreds times. Then finally I told R about having dinner at PIK then he asked on bbm group yet no one replied. I was already mad so I told R that if they didn’t wanna go there then just the five of us would go and let them do whatever they want after the dufan’s closed. Then just almost midnight, S asked about our rides and he told us that his father offered to help us to get there. Then the plan was changed and I even got headache because of that. 
I couldn’t sleep till 3am yet I had to wake up at 6am to re-check everything again afterward I slept again till 7am. Then I woke up and such then I received a text from T that he said F and him were going to go there using my car as well which I couldn’t refused even though my car was only for 5 people and because of him six people were in my car. We arrived at around 9am and I had to take care of the tickets first. Then finally dufan opened at 10am so we went in after I finished putting sunblock cream on me lol. 
The first attraction we rode was kora kora and it was the first time for me to play kora kora and it wasn’t bad but it was boring for me though I laughed when I saw my friends’ faces which were funny lol. Then we all rode halilintar  twice which wasn’t scary at all but M was scared so her bf and me had to force her to ride it. Next was perang bintang, I’ve always never been good at playing this though. Then we played baku toki and me and E made M as our target lol. The next was tornado but it was like only half of us and the rest were too afraid to ride it. It was my first time to ride it as well so I was kinda scared at first and I screamed a lot like “omg”, “kya”, and I complained a lot about the sunlight because I rode it at 12am -_- Then some of us rode it again for the second time and it was even hotter than the first one. Then we rode kicir kicir which was the first time for me and I actually kinda scared because those who had ridden it didn’t wanna ride it because they said it was too dizzy for them. But I didn’t get dizzy after I rode it……… I even shouted at my friend during the ride to open his eyes while I myself was screaming lol. Next we rode histeria which was the first time for me again, and I was kinda scared again, I screamed at first because of the sudden movement a high place fast, then amazed with the view from the above lol. Then E and me wanted to get the view of the ocean but everyone wanted it as well so we just got it after the third ride and the view was gooooooooooood with the ocean, islands, ships, and some buildings over there. The officer didn’t put the heartbeat sound effect for the third time of our rides so we shouted when we were going up slowly before it went fast. Then finally they put on the heartbeat lol. Then we went for lunch, but I didn’t eat though because I was afraid that I’d vomit. The next was arung jeram and because everyone wanted to ride it yet our belongings couldn’t be taken during the ride (actually they could but I insisted not to DX) else they’d be wet. Then I don’t know whose idea was it to draw the people with a set of card which later on was not really useful because later on those who wanted to go then just go then the rest waited and watch our belongings. Then I, E, M, B, and others which I forget rode it and B went brutal because not all of us were as wet as him so he splashed the water on us and others attacked him as well then while we did it E’s sandal was thrown to the water and it drifted out along the water. Because of that I accompanied her to search for her sandal by riding it again but we couldn’t find it so we rode it again for the third time. Because we didn’t wanna the others to find out and complained about us keep playing them so we went in through the fast pass ticket entrance and climbed over the gate to the other side for non-fast pass user. But we still haven’t found the sandal so finally E bought a new pair of sandals for her. Next we rode niagara gara which the had the longest queue of all the rides we rode. I rode it with E, M, and B. My clothes were almost dry because of the long time of queueing and even though there was water on niagara gara as well but I didn’t get that wet until B splashed us with water again because we were really not that wet after rode it -_- Then I, E, and M went into rumah miring while waiting the others who were still on niagara gara. Then we rode halilintar again but really it wasn’t scary at all for me so I don’t know what to say. Then we rode tornado again because it’s already afternoon and it was cloudy so there was no sun and finally I could open my eyes for full time of the ride. I still screamed, but it was more like screaming of enjoyment like “wooooo” I even said “wow there’s a bird” while I was upside down, literally upside down lol. Then we went to istana boneka because there’s this person who really wanna go there. Then this person also made the boat went left and right till the officer saw it on cctv and told him to not do so on the speaker lol. Then we rode merry go round lol. It was nice to take pictures on it though. Then we wanted to ride ferris wheel as well but it was too late so it was turned off already -_- So we finally went out of dufan and took pictures as a whole then those who had to went home just went home with S’ car and the others went to PIK for dinner. 
Then 14 od us went to ikkudo for dinner. We ate and talk and such. And I don’t really remember about it -_- Then we went home and me, E, R, K and E planned to go to social+ afterwards. I actually didn’t wanna E to come because I didn’t he wasn’t a good person and I wanted to talk like a lot about something but in the end I didn’t talk about me at all and just listened the others and commented and asked about them. The other E didn’t join us at the end because she got into fight with her mom. Then K drove us home using R’s car, and I finally just talked about things like after we sent E home.

February 19, 2013


Last week I asked C whether we could hang out together because it’s been quite a long time since we did so and I think we should catch up a little about our lives since we rarely talk or chat because she’s too busy with her life and so does M meanwhile I’ve been really doing nothing but playing with fido or tumblr-ing, alone. I asked her to pick the date because she’s the “busy” one and I just could go anytime I want this week. I already told her though that I couldn’t if it’s on monday, but my plan on monday was postponed as well. I actually knew that this won’t happen, but why don’t do so? just to remind that we used to hang out quite a lot..
Then since the dufan this was postponed to tuesday but then it got canceled by the self-proclaimed leader(?) idk but he acted like one. Then I and E managed to got 17 people to go on wednesday so we’re going to dufan baby yay finally it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I wish there’s someone in my class would care more about this and willing to take care this kind of thing but somewhat most of them just wanna go if it’s all taken care of so I did like most of things planning, asking, arranging, and such with the help of E and by asking the opinions of others so tomorrow will go smoothly. But I’m still asking the others though because using the transjakarta will definitely a waste of time and the route becomes way too far rather than using our own car. Unfortunately only my car and R’s are available for tomorrow and no one else wants to use their cars. I still hope that someone will offer their car to be used tomorrow though so we wouldn’t waste too much time tomorrow especially in this rainy season which it may rain whenever it wants.
Then I asked C again last night about our plan this week then today she replied that whether if I could go during weekend instead but I refused because I definitely can’t go anywhere on sunday and most probably I’ll go somewhere on saturday with my mom. Hanging out with my mom sucks but it’s better than with friends because I don’t need to pay for the food and such and I somehow kinda treasure my time with my family now because my friends are too sucks and aren’t available for 24h unlike those bullshits on teen movies. I don’t expect them to be available for 24h or such though but really no one ask about me whether I’m doing okay at least with my studies because they know I have difficulties with my studies especially with that programming one which I got only 44 during mid-semester exam and they know that I’ve always been terrible with math-related subjects, or about my love-life which they actually know that it’s much less interesting with theirs but they know I had some kind of trouble with this why don’t they ask about it at least whether I have a new crush or not or such -_- Probably I’m the only one thinking those as a friend because I don’t have any siblings so I really don’t have anyone I can talk to (^~^)Then C asked what about next week which I definitely cannot because the new schedule of my classes are so-not-hang-out friendly although I actually can go if I will to spare my time during the new semester thingy and my job on the org but they just let me down, like too much and too often so I’d prefer to stay at home and get things done on my home on my own.
and I indeed love being such a bitch, evil, bossy, as it’s in my blood. I don’t have to suffer or hurts because of being too nice, and I do feel happy with being the evil one. and I think you know much better than anyone else of who I am. I’ve always been the same, as evil and cunning as before, it’s up to you whether you wanna see it or not.

February 18, 2013

Prince Waffle

There’s a waffle booth in GI called “Prince Waffle”. I think it’s been there for a long time, but I just bought their waffles yesterday. Their concept of selling waffles is quite interesting but somewhat the same with other sweets booths. It has the original waffle with various flavours (break), then the hot waffles with toppings(grande), and the waffles with ice cream and toppings (freeze).
I bought the Matcha Milk Freeze Waffle. Unfortunately, the waffles available at that time was only the chocollo (chocolate) ones. It was good although a little too sweet for me. And the most important thing was the matcha did taste like matcha lol. I think I’ll try the cheese waffle next time.
I also bought Matcha Cheese Grande Waffle for today. Since I was too lazy to heat it on the microwave so I just ate it cold, which actually it wasn’t bad either. 
This one wasn’t as sweet as the matcha milk, maybe the milk was the cause that the matcha milk freeze one was too sweet. I still like them both though~ lol


Yesterday I ate at Waraku in GI. I ordered Cha Soba with Tempura. The service there wasn’t good. It took a really long time to for a waiter to come and take our orders -_-
The soba was waaaaaay too many. I thought it would only be half of it but then it came in a big portion -_- 
I also ordered Matcha Float. I used to always ordered it whenever I went to pasta de waraku but they don’t have it anymore yet it’s now available in waraku.


Finally after a very loooooooooooong time, yesterday I bought a lot of clothes! There’s this event called Brightspot Market in Grand Indonesia and I bought some clothes there, then my mother told me that I should buy more shorts because I kinda need it when the others are in the laundry. So we went to zara to buy a short, but in the end I bought some other clothes mostly t-shirts and one dress sooooo I bought a lot of stuffs today as I didn’t get to buy anything the last time I went to zara because I was in bad mood or something and yesterday I was happy because the shop was not as crowded as usual although the brightspot market was super crowded that I got into bad mood in the end -_-

February 17, 2013

The Plan

My class was planning to go to dufan tomorrow, but because some people can't go on monday so we moved the day to tuesday. Then there's this promotion for minimum 15 students we'll get the price of 80k for each. But it must be paid two days before going to the dufan and it can be paid via transfer during weekday only or cash during weekend which means that we have to pay it today cash at dufan. Unfortunately no one wants or can go to the dufan today, as for me I already told my mom that I wanna go to GI today which I also sacrifice not watchin shokura and jkt48. And because no one replied on the group chat room so the self-
proclaimed leader of this event gives up and just canceled the plan. But some of us still wanna go and we're currently considering to go on wednesday so we can just transfer the payment via atm. So right now I and E are asking our classmates again whether they can join us or not on wednesday. So I think if we can gather at least 15 people by tomorrow we can to to dufan on wednesday. Hopefully we can gather 15 people even though I kinda don't wanna go because of someone but I wanna go because of someone else that I kinda curious about.


It’s been a while since I dreamt about my idols. I usually dreamt about yamada but last night I dreamt about taiga instead idk why lol (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) I was watching somewhat johnny’s junior show in my elementary school-junior high school(?) and I didn’t really know the other junior there but taiga so I mostly kept my eyes on him. Then I shouted his name and he saw me and did what an idol should do to his fans then the show ended some later on and he headed to the junior high school section there as if he’s student there and I talked to him and I miraculously understand him and I became a student again in my junior high as well -_- Then I kept complaining why I was a student again, a 2nd year student, while I already am a university student right now. Then since I didn’t have any books with me to study at school so I searched for my books in the lockers there which actually I think shouldn’t be there as I brought all of my books home after I graduated but I thought that my book would be in there somewhere in the locker. Then I went to the classroom and there’re my junior high school friends and sadly I wasn’t in the same class with taiga and I don’t really know what’s going on after that but I was somewhat a werewolf after I enter the school but I didn’t transform to a wolf though perhaps because I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time lately, and taiga was one too idk why. And what happened after was really vague that I don’t understand with it and I don’t know how to explain it here (◎_◎;)

February 16, 2013


Finally I finished installing xcode!!! Yay! I’ve downloaded it several time since two or three weeks ago but each kept getting error or failed while downloading or such so I finally finished downloading it all today lol. Now it’s the time to “play” with it till I get bored or giving up in confusion lol~

Shishamo Karage

I went to Sushi Tei yesterday and I ate shishamo karage again, and I didn’t forget to take a picture of it!
I went to Sushi Tei yesterday and I ate shishamo karage again, and I didn’t forget to take a picture of it!

Roti Panggang(?)


I’m currently using three “smart”phones. One is my iphone which is the primary one, other is my mother’s ex-phone which is the galaxy wonder, and the other is the still new blackberry armstrong.
I use my iphone to do most of things to do on the phone, calling, texting, chatting, playing games, checking soc-med, and so on. I’ve been using it for more than one year, which I’d consider it’s quite a long time for me because I usually get another phone after using it for a year. Either because of the battery drained too fast, I damaged the phone pretty hard, or I just simply a new one.
Then the galaxy wonder is just to play around with the android stuffs which aren’t available for iphone. I didn’t wanna use it at first but I kinda missed the features of android when I was still using the xperia so I use it while my mom uses her new galaxy note 2. Most of the time I only use it to play Pou and just leave it as it is somewhere in my home till the time I need to take care of my pou again.
The blackberry is still new,  I bought it like a few months ago but I rarely use it. I had the gemini one before but it’s now so poorly damaged, still useable but too ugly to be seen. I didn’t even want or ask it but sadly my mom just bought it for me perhaps she thought I wanted to use it too because everyone else was using it as well. Actually I don’t, and because of it I couldn’t ask for a new phone which I wanted at that time because I just got a new unwanted phone from my mom, if I ask for another new one I’d definitely feel guilty because it costs quite some money. My friends, or Indonesians, are so into blackberry that I don’t even know why maybe because they’re just too stupid or something and really into bbm which this takes up their balance most of the time so they can’t reply my text and the stupidest feature of bbm is that it can only be used by using bb so in the end I have to contact them through bbm that’s why I have one. But I haven’t use it for months and I only use it like for 2 weeks after I bought it then my bbm just stayed offline, I didn’t even charged the battery. Then I bought a new number because I only had two numbers which I used for iphone and samsung so I bought a new number which I actually have wanted to buy a new number as well. So the sim card I used for samsung was move to blackberry and I put the new sim card to samsung. Then my bbm went online for two or three days but no one was actually talked to me on it which I feel that I’m all alone and have nobody to talk to like I used to have. So I just stay offline again and who the fuck cares with those bbm things if they really truly want to be my friends then just text me or whatsapp me or use something else that’s available on not-one-device-only. 
However there’s really no one who actually talk to me first unless I talk to them first so I get lonely easily and it’s just too stupid. Because everyone is just too busy with their lives so I’m having this blog to write all the things that I used to talk with my friends. I wish they’ll someday talk to me first and just like the old days we’ll talk about anything stupid or random because now I feel like not having social life at all especially this is holiday and I really miss high school and my old friends. 



One semester has passed for me as a college student. I study “computer science”, which I don’t think it is quite the same with the “computer science” overseas. I didn’t really study during classes, I only talked with my friends or played with my phones or simply daydreamed about anything. Finally I got to catch up all things one or two days before the exams, the most effective method for me to study though. I did quite bad during the mid-semester exams, but I got much better during the final exams. Even on the subject that I’ve never been really good at it since elementary school, math related subjects. But I got to do well during the semester exam I just feel so happy and delighted for myself, yay! As for the programming, I did better during the final exam as well, I do still have to learn and memorize a lot to catch up for the next semester though else I’ll definitely get troubled lol. As for my classmates, they’re all “okay”. Finally I remember all of them, all about forty seven or eight… As for the org thing, I think I’ve done okay as well. I might not be the best, but I’m trying to be better every time I get the chance. I even got accepted as an activist for another org. Probably I may be busier the next semester, or not. I finally somewhat get used to be a college student, not so much though, I miss and like high school much much much better. Everything is not going as smooth as they’re seen, especially for my study because I’m somewhat an extremely lazy person if I’m not interested with the topics and such. As for now, I don’t think the lessons I’ve had were so hard like what people expect about the computer science major so it must be filled with smart or genius people, which I’m not, I’d rather say they’re challenging though, very very very challenging. 

February 15, 2013

Final Exam: Linear Algebra

Finally I have done all of the final exams!! The last one was linear algebra, on valentine’s day! I really didn’t understand almost 90% of it and even after I studied it all night I still couldn’t understand it that I wanted to cry so bad. Then rather than stressing myself out, I slept. I slept at 2.30am and I wanted to wake up at 3.30am to continue my study. I did wake up and continue my study, but I couldn’t understand anything so I just slept again. At around 9 I finally woke up and continue my study and I really wanted to burst my tears because I seriously wasn’t ready for the exam which would be at 3pm. Then I kept redoing the exercises and googled and watched youtube videos for those that I really couldn’t do it and understand it. Luckily I understood the materials from the youtube so I could do the exercises that I couldn’t do. Then finally I went to the campus and after I arrived there I came to where my friends were and was completely in panic because I was so sure that I wasn’t ready for the final exam and there’re still lots of things that I don’t understand and can’t do. I asked my friends to teach me fast before the exam but I just couldn’t absorb what they told me as I was really super panic and anxious. Then the final exam started, my friend who got the question paper first told me that the question were difficult, then I got my question paper and saw it and I think the questions weren’t that difficult. I did forget the distance formula and I still am not sure about that number which was similar with the exercise I had. Although I’m not really sure with my answers, some of them, I managed to do it well, and fast! I finished it faster than the others, but because no one had handed their paper yet so I just waited till there’s one and recheck my answers. I don’t know whether my answers were correct or not, but I could answer them, most of them! I was so relieved and happy when I finally got out from that examination room and I went home straight away to continue watching once upon a time~ Hopefully I’ll get good grades for all of my final exams (⌒▽⌒)☆

February 13, 2013


I’m supposed to be studying for the linear algebra final exam tomorrow. Yes, I’m having line algebra final exam on valentine’s day! I didn’t really study in the class so I have to study hard now, just like the one I did for the discrete math. The materials aren’t as much as the ones for discrete math though. But I’m kinda struggling anyway -_- Perhaps I should continue my study since it’s really getting late and I do wanna sleep later. Hopefully I can master all of the topics XD

Green Tea Jelly

While waiting for the jelly to cool down, I went to salon nearby to do strawberry hair-creambath! It’s like bathing my hair with strawberry cream mixture…..something like that…. I’ve dyed my hair a lot in the past 6 months so my hair is now damaged quite bad -_- There could be more than 2 branches on one strand -_- So my mom told me to go to salon and have that creambath thing. I actually don’t really like it because when I was a kid I did had that creambath thing and the person who did that massaged my head too hard that made me dislike it. But today the person who did the cream bath was actually good so I might have this creambath thing again next month. I researched on the internet first and there are many kinds of cream to do the cream bath. There are chocolate cream, strawberry cream, green tea cream, avocado cream, and so on. And I read that for dyed hair I should have the strawberry one so I had one today!
Then when I got back home, the jelly has already cooled down so here it is!


I just mad another jelly!! It’s green tea flavoured, and the molds are new!! I bought them yesterday. Can’t wait till it cool down. Yay~!

February 12, 2013

Once Upon a Time

I’ve been doing once upon a time marathon whenever I have time besides studying for the final exam. I almost finished season 1 and I hoped the download finish soon as I can’t wait to watch the next episode which is 19  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I’ve been doing once upon a time marathon whenever I have time besides studying for the final exam. I almost finished season 1 and I hoped the download finish soon as I can’t wait to watch the next episode which is 19  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Pink Gelatin

I made the strawberry jelly yesterday!! It was my first time making jelly on my own lol  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ I did see how my grandma make it when I was a little kid, but I’ve kinda forgotten it so I wasn’t really sure what to do first even though there’s instruction on the back of it. But I managed to cook it though  \(T∇T)/
And these are the ones I made using the animal-shaped mold. There are dolphins, penguins, polar bears, and seals.
and also the heart shaped ones~
They’re so cute (ノ>▽<。)ノ
I also made ones on cups because the molds were already full ( ̄ー ̄)

February 11, 2013


My mom just got home from another city yesterday, and she brought a lot of food!!!!! 
The first one is brem! My no 1 favourite indonesian snack ever!
My father like this so much and I didn’t know why. Then my mom got me balinese brem when she got back from bali and that’s my first time to eat brem. Then I fell in love with it lol. It’s somewhat like a biscuit, but it melts inside the mouth. Balinese brem is the sweetest of brem i’ve ever eaten so far, perhaps that’s why I like it so much. And balinese brem even has many flavour like original, chocolate, orange, grape, and such. Here’s the pic of balinese brem I got from my friend.
My mother also bought bakpia pathok! I actually asked for the chocolate flavour but she bought the cheese one instead. Never mind though since I also love cheese lol.
It’s been a really long time since the last time I ate bakpia! It’s almost 4 or 5 years ago (・□・;)and the funny thing is whenever I was waiting for the pic of the food to be uploaded I ate the food of the pic lol (*ノωノ)
And my mom also bought lumpia!
I didn’t eat this as I was waiting for the pic to be upload though lol because I’ve eaten it as my lunch today! Sadly they’re so greasy so my lips were so oily after eating them.

Jellies (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Yesterday I did grocery shopping a little bit. I only bought pancake mix, chocolates, jellies, and the molds for the jelly. I bought 6 kinds of jellies!
and the molds…..
I’ll make one of them soon~ ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year

Happy chinese new year!!! I don’t do anything special for this year though. I didn’t even visit my family because my mom just got home from semarang at almost 9pm. I didn’t celebrate at all -_- no money for this year, no food either. eh……I ate noodles! instant noodles though -_- but it was kinda awful because I put too much water so I had to put extra seasonings so it’d get tastier -_-
As for my dinner, I had a mille crepe and ice cream. I bought cake batter flavoured ice cream with brownies topping from cold stone. I usually buy green tea flavoured but i’ve been craving for cookie dough yesterday but cold stone only has cake batter which should be somewhat similar so I bought it anyway. I didn’t like the brownies because it was too fudge-y though.
Then I bought the oreo mille crepe (again)! Their mille crepes taste good so I keep buying it -_- And I just know that the price for each is 29k since my mother was the one who usually pay it hehe.
For oreo mille crepe, they use chocolate crepe, unlike the one for the rainbow one. The cream was also mixed with oreo and there were also crumbles of oreo between some of the layers.

Dead To Me

This week’s pretty little liars was so scary -_- I watched it last thursday because I was too busy studying, or doing something else though I was supposed to be studying -_- it was just tooooo scary for me -_- I don’t know why but it was somehow frightening -_- especially the scene where emily was recalling her memory -_- I bought some snacks to be eaten while watching it. And because I somewhat ate them in a weird way so my mouth was hurt for a few days later -_-

broken angel

I’m so lonely, broken angel~
I’ve never been this lonely before -_- fido is sleeping, i’m alone in my apt, I don’t wanna bother my friends or my mom who are busy with their lives, and I’m doing nothing but reading articles on websites and twitter timelines (3 timelines at a time!)
I wish I’m sleepy so I could sleep and won’t pity myself for being so lonely like this -_-

February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year's Eve

It’s the chinese new year tomorrow! Usually I’d wait till the last minute to do my work, but now I’ve done all of my work even though it’s due for next week except the studying for the last final exam for next thursday. I really have nothing to do and I feel super bored. My mom is away, my friends are having their own life, and I’m left with a life full of boredom where only Fido who cheers me up. I really really wanna do something that takes time so I won’t be wasting time. Luckily there’s bunheads right now at starworld. Although I’ve watched that episode before but I don’t feel bored rewatching bunheads again and again. Before I was sooooooooooo feel like unemployed, like a NETT, not a student, or anything. I read about psychology and so on that hopefully will be useful in the future. But the articles weren’t interesting enough to keep me reading them as they lack of visualisation even though they’re actually really good articles. 
I ordered mcd’s chickens for dinner even though I just ate them yesterday. Actually I wanted to order from another restaurant which was more healthy and cheaper but it was somehow in rest when I called them so I got into bad mood and I called mcd instead -_- but today I ordered mcflurry as well since there’s no more snack at home which actually is good for me so I will stop eating during my boredom.
Aaaaaand because I’ve been sooooo seriously bored so I ate my mom’s yogurt since she just kept it in the refrigerator for a looooong time. It was soooooo sour really really sour. I think I should buy a lot of yogurts the next time I go for grocery shopping since it’s healthy and not as fattening as other snacks and I somewhat don’t have a very good digestion for the moment -_-


The games I’ve been playing lately are LINE Bubble and Kawaii Pet Megu. After a month playing the line bubble, finally I get to be the first place among my friends!! And also my new high score even though it’s still not a really high score….
and I started playing the kawaii pet megu about 2 weeks ago
my pet is currently “mogu” and it’s only level 36 :s 

February 8, 2013

Final Exam: Algorithm & Programming

So the exam yesterday waaaaaassss a huge failure -_- I am 10000000% not sure with my answers for the multiple choice section. I got back to campus at 12 because the exam for the second paper was at 1pm. As there was still time when I arrived there, I continued my study a little. Then at 1pm the exam started. I was asked to create a program that’s actually supposed to be a simple program yet I couldn’t do it -_- I didn’t really remember those terms in programming so my program went error, error, error, error, and fatal error -_- But I don’t really care though I got mad a little, I just made sure that I typed all the things I know so I’ll still get scores though my program couldn’t be compiled -_-

San Remo La Pasta Sour Cream & Chives Flavour

A few days ago, I made this for dinner
It’s an instant one though. The others ingredients needed were only water and milk. And I’ve never cooked this before, nor other kind of pasta, so I just did it by reading the instruction. When the pasta was boiled, I kinda left it for a while to take the cheese from the refrigerator because I wanted to add it to the pasta. Then the some of the pasta on the bottom were already somewhat burnt because I didn’t stir it for a while -_- I was so lucky that not all of them were burnt -_-
Though it’s kinda failed, it’s still delicious though lol XD

Tamagoyaki + Dumplings

As I was really in love with the tamagoyaki for lunch, so I made it again for dinner ❤ but the look were still ugly though -_- aaaaand I also ordered dumplings for me and my mom though we’ve eaten it a lot this week lol

February 7, 2013


I finished the first paper of the algorithm and programming final exam badly, as I was 99% not sure with my answers. Then I went home because I don't wanna wait for the second paper at campus for four hours...I planned to study though and I studied a little.....and I'm 100% I wouldn't be able to answer the second paper -_- Even my friends aren't studying either...they're playing games at lv 1....
Since I wanted to eat tamagoyaki, so I bought eggs and cooked it as tamagoyaki. I used 4 eggs, sugar, salt, and dashi! The last time I cooked tamagoyaki I didn't use dashi, but this time the tamagoyaki turned really delicious because I used dashi lol. I used the dashi that sold in the supermarket though...as I don't know how to make it...and I stupidly didn't mix it with water first but poured it to the bowl of eggs directly -_- Luckily since I saw it was somewhat weird so I stopped pouring it and mix the dashi powder with water ~,~

Here's the dashi powder that I used!

And sadly the look didn't turn well this time! It was so messed up and the layers were completely a failure -_- But it was still somehow look like tamagoyaki though -_-" But the taste was realllllyyyyyyy good!!!! Thanks to the dashi! lol~

February 6, 2013

12 hours

Tick tock I’m counting down till the time of my programming final exam! I haven’t studied anything, I’m so not ready, I don’t know most of things, I got bad score for the mid-semester exam, I am so dead.
I really really don’t know what to study….. what should I study? What are the materials for tomorrow’s exam? duh idk…… and the worst thing is I don’t have any mood to study at all…esp after watching jkt48 in hitam putih :S I really wish I could go back to two or three years ago, or I wish I was younger…..(ノД`)・゜・。

It's Raining!!

Yay!! It’s raining hard today!! Hopefully it’ll continue till tomorrow and there’ll be floods everywhere so the exam will be postponed~ I have no desire to study at all today, and tomorrow is the exam for the most critical subject for me, the coding one~! lalalalalalala I’m so dead~ Most probably I’ll have to retake this class as I got only 44 during the mid-sem exam soooooo why bother studying~ I’ll study though though I’m very lazy right now -_- Later…..during the night when I really have nothing to do…..or when I got panicked…..
Wish me a very big luck~

February 5, 2013

Final Exam: Discrete Mathematics

I did better than the mid-sem exam. I studied like crazy since yesterday evening till early 4am then I slept then I woke up at 7.30am then I continued studying again. I’ve never been so passionate in studying math before but since I kinda get my hope up about one of my dreams so I studied really really from the basic which I didn’t know anything till I master it yesterday. But there were still two topics I couldn’t understand till I got to the campus. My friends helped explaining to me, but I still quite confused. I got to answer the question about one of them though…but I couldn’t answer about the other one at all, which was about the fuzzy set -_- There were 5 question, I’m so happy that answered three questions confidently. The other one….I got to answer like half of it, then I’m not quite confident about the other half, and the one about fuzzy logic…..I gave up -_- I drew the graph without even knowing what were supposed to be on that graph -_- I’m happy though since I got to study well last night, and this morning, and I got to answer more than half of the exam confidently, which is one of super rare moments to me especially during math exam! I’m not good at math, but I’m glad for today. I kept telling myself about my dream during studying, and telling myself that I’m almighty and invincible and no one should ever underestimate me and math musn’t defeat me anymore and such and it miraculously boost my mood to study lol.

February 4, 2013

White Koffie

Tomorrow is the day of discrete math final exam!! and yet I only understand like 5% of the whole lesson as I never really studied during the class -_- but I won’t give up!! I do think a lot of giving up and this is just too impossible to rush it in one night, but I still won’t give up!! I’m almighty and invincible so I won’t ever be defeated by such thing as math!! Though I’m really bad at it but this time I have to fight with my best so this won’t ruin my future!! I even have drunk a glass of coffee (perhaps more…later) so I can stay up all night, at least till 2 or 3 to study!!!

Final Exam: PTI

Last satuday I had PTI final exam. Yes, Saturday!!!! The exam was at 1pm, and I just started studying at 8am…… Although I’m very lazy, but I studied the at least the night before in the past…but now I’m just way tooooo lazy. I read all the multiple choices questions and answers from the book, so I could do the multiple choice section on the exam. I read the slides of the materials, but I couldn’t do the essay and case study sections on the exam -_- I was still able to answer it though, by recalling hard my memory from ICT in high school -_- then I just answered randomly for the rest of the questions that I had no idea what the answers were at all. I hope the lecturer is kind enough to give me good scores though….and the rest of the class as well~

February 3, 2013

Shishamo Karage

Yesterday I went to sushi tei for dinner with my mom because I haven’t been there for a loooooong time. I forgot to take pictures of the food though….and I only got to take the picture of the remaining shishamo karage which was my newest favourite in sushi tei!
It’s like all of the body of the fish was filled with their eggs….but I’m not even sure if they’re eggs though………
And before I went home I also bought this…which I forget the name too…. Chococotton or something…………..and it’s sooooo yummyyyyyy!!!!

Go Wagyu Steak

There’s a new restaurant in cp tribeca which serves cheap steaks. Unfortunately, I was in bad mood at that time so I don’t really enjoy the food though it wasn’t bad.
I ordered wagyu 3 or something I forget the name, medium grilled, with white sauce, so the taste was kinda creamy and milky….?
It was good, big, not over cooked, and cheap! lol. Perhaps I’m gonna eat in there again in the future……not so soon though.

Rainbow Mille Crepe

I bought mille crepes from Champs fot the second time! Though I really am against their tagline, but I love their mille crepe  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ I bought the oreo and rainbow ones this time!
On their website, it’s said that the rainbow is like their vanilla one but in rainbow color. When I ate it, it’s not as sweet as vanilla so I like this one better! The colors came from the cream, and this crepe is cute actually lol.

February 1, 2013

Potato Wedges

I like them so much, and I fried them a lot lately……also for today’s lunch and dinner……..
I wanna blog about many things right now actually…..butIjustdon’tfeellikedoinganything……everythingisjustsowrong………