January 10, 2013


Yesterday I made tamagoyaki for the first time! It’s easy but as I rarely cook, so it’s kinda amazing for me  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
I read the recipe quite some time ago, and I also saw momusu’s member Michishige Sayumi cooked it (failed though lol) during a tv show, so I just cooked the tamagoyaki based on my memory and heart ❤ 
I used 4 eggs, because the eggs weren’t so big and as I could remember, the recipe said to use big eggs since I’d be making many layers of the tamagoyaki.
Then I added salt, sugar, and seasonings. Since I don’t have dashi so I don’t use it, and I wanted to add cheese as well but I was to lazy to cut the cheese lol. I also added a little amount of water to make it fluffy.
Then I cooked it! Since I don’t have a square frying pan, so I just used the round one. I didn’t took pictures while cooking it though because I was too busy cooking and afraid that the layers would be over cooked (─‿‿─) 
aaaaaaaanddd here it is!
Since I was craving for karage (again) earlier yesterday, so I fried karage, potato wedges, and chicken burger as well 
Then I sliced the tamagoyakiiiiii
It was quite messy though LOL but it still tasted good~! (●´∀`●)
and since I didn’t think I’d be able to eat it all so I spare it for my mother. But then my mother said she doesn’t really like eggs so I guess it’ll be my lunch for tomorrow -_-

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