January 6, 2013

Syoss Hair Dye: Medium Ash Blonde

I dyed my hair last friday, although I just dyed it with the L’oreal cool blonde last week. But I really wanna get rid the brassy/red/orange on my hair so I keep dying my hair with hair dye which has cool shade on it. I want to dye my hair with lighter blonde with yellow shade on it so to prevent my hair becomes too orange I dyed it with hair dye with ash tone to neutralize the red on my hair.
When I asked my friends, my hair is darker now, and not as red as before, but still has a little bit red on it. So I decided to dye it again with the hair dye that I somewhat accidently found, syoss medium ash blonde.
It is the cheapest hair dye I’ve ever bought since it was only 56k idr. While the fresh light is ranging from 90k-120k and L’oreal is around 90k as well. Actually syoss is also one of Schwarzkopf’s products, like the fresh light hair dye. 

I didn’t expect any difference though by dyeing my hair with this as the color is somewhat the same with the previous color I used and my root still hasn’t grown yet, though I wished that it’ll cool down the red on my hair even more. 
When I asked my friends, some said nothing changed, some others said the color became little bit brighter, and others said my hair is kinda black perhaps because of the lighting which was dark. 



Perhaps it’s indeed brighter though 〈(゜。゜) But I myself don’t really know why I colored my hair again this soon lol. Perhaps I just love dyeing my hair ( ´∀`) 

But I’m planning to dye my hair next wednesday with Fresh Light Mysterious Beige because yamada ryosuke’s first solo single “Mystery Virgin” will be released on that day  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
Hopefully my hair won’t get too damaged  \(T∇T)/

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