January 17, 2013

(Not) Wide Awake

I don’t go to the campus again because floods and traffics are everywhere….. The lecturer may not be coming as well… so why bother going to the campus? lol
and I haven’t slept at all since I usually sleep at the morning….around this time… and I’m quite sleepy actually but I don’t wanna sleep yet :s 
I have nothing to do today, unless I wanna study…..which I don’t…. I get to do some chores though… but I guess I’ll do it after I wake up~
It was raining all night so it’s actually normal for the floods to be everywhere right now. My mom has a meeting with her clients today but I guess she’ll get stuck on the traffic :s
Fido’s been sleeping all night all day long lol XD he does nothing but sleep, eat, and play with me and his toys, and beg for my food and my mother’s lol

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