January 27, 2013


Last Friday, I went to gandaria city to watch hansel and gretel with my mom. I didn’t sleep the night before, and I got home from the campus at 4:30pm, and I had to go to gancy at 4pm so the traffic wouldn’t be so bad, and that’s kinda exhausting  _ノ乙(、ン、)_
I got there before my mom, as she got to finish her work first. So I decided to hunt for m’s birthday present. C kept insisting to get her a wallet, and I didn’t really agree to that as a wallet is so ordinary as a present….. I’ve been thinking to give her a love charm like the one on mangas but I don’t really know where to buy it…… and in the end I haven’t bought anything yet (´~`)
Then I wanted to buy an eraser so I went to a bookstore. But I ended up buying a set of 2 pencils and an eraser  ( ̄ω ̄;)
I actually only wanted the pink one because it’s so cute, so pink, and glittery lol. And I sold the yellow one to my friend as I actually still have another pencil  (●´艸`)
Then later on I went to the cream & fudge. I wanted to order the cookie dough one but after tasting several flavors I ended up ordering the cheesecake one and my favorite, green tea. Then I kinda regretted it later on as double scoop was quite too much and I was afraid of getting too fat ( ̄^ ̄)
Finally my mom arrived and we went to pepper lunch to have dinner. I ordered pepper steak. I wanted to try other menu, but I ended up ordering pepper steak again…..
And at laaaaaaast, after killing time at shops…………
I didn’t know about the story at all. And when I saw the witches……..ohmygod they’re incredibly scary (-’๏_๏’-) and I fell asleep for a little while as I was reallyyyyy sleepyyyyy  ( ´△`) but it was a good movie though………… and it’s indeed good as I watched on the imax one………

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