January 26, 2013


Yesterday I woke up early, though I didn’t sleep much in the night (but I slept too much in the afternoon). There’s a new community in my campus for called game development community. I wanted to join so I asked my friends about it. Then they said I had to make cv, self description essay, and essay about the the purpose and hope for me joining that community. I did wonder why I had to make those, as I only wanted to be a member. Then my friend sent me the message from the lecturer, soooo it was for people who wanted to apply as the activists  (・□・;) but I’m kinda interested to be the activist for that new community and perhaps it’ll motivate me to come and visit the community regularly, as I’m really really lazy to go to nippon club’s place as a regular member and have no duty to do but to study the language ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ Even though I only wanted to be an activist for one community but I think I wanna be one for other community……..
So I went to campus yesterday only for the interview, and there some classmates who applied as well. I sucked at the personal interview as I forgot how to “answer” the questions during the interview, but I did very well during the group interview…..so I don’t know whether I’ll get accepted or not. It’s okay if I get rejected though. I applied for media division, so the work will be likely the same as my work for now in the other community….. but since I’m doing PR right now, if I get accepted, I wanna do more marketing rather than the publication for this new comm…..
During the personal interview, I answered the questions just like when I get asked by my friends. I answered the questions with clear, short, meaningful answers, which only were only a few words and I didn’t really explain at all. The interviewer even asked me whether I did the same during the previous interview for the other comm ( ̄~ ̄;)Then because of this, during the group interview, I answered every question with a loooooooooooong answer (。・`ω´・。) I also managed to make them laugh so the interview wouldn’t be so boring with all intellectual and bullshit answers o(`ω´*)o When I was asked what’s the most memorable game for me and why, I answered RO and one of the reasons was because the monsters weren’t scary lol  (*≧▽≦)

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