January 11, 2013

Fresh Light Hair Dye: Mysterious Beige

I dyed my hair with mysterious beige from fresh light for the second time (`・ω・´)” Since yesterday yamada ryosuke’s mystery virgin was released, so to celebrate it I dyed my hair with mysterious beige color LOL and very unfortunately I didn’t get the limited edition of mystery virgin so I ended up buying nothing (/□\*)・゜
I dyed my hair with syoss medium ash blonde last week, and I’ve only washed my hair once before I dyed with the mysterious beige. I forgot to took a picture the before part though so I’ll just use the pics from the syoss post ones since the color hasn’t changed much.

Actually my hair changed to a bit more yellowish after I washed it, but somehow my hair color always changed depending on the light. In a room which had dark lighting my hair would be dark brown color, then in normal room light room the brown would be much lighter, then in sunlight my hair would be medium blonde lol
Then here’s the cute box of fresh light mysterious beige! and I used two boxes this time hoping my hair will be colored evenly~

aaaaaaaaand here’s the result  (/^▽^)/

Yaaaaaay~ the result was great! Although I don’t know what color is this lol because my hair still has warm tone but I guess this one’s somewhere between the middle and bottom expected colors on the box? Since I dyed my hair with medium blonde before this, and i still has warm tone, so this is it…? or perhaps it’s the bottom one..? but my hair wasn’t that blonde before I dyed with this color…. but I’m so glad it’s more yellowish than orange XD I guess the color will become lighter under the sunlight….
I think I indeed need two boxes so the color will turn out evenly every time I dye my hair, since my hair is long and almost reach my waist  (⌒_⌒;)  I always used one box only in the past, since I think it’s enough and it really was enough to cover all of my hair, but my hair won’t get the color evenly though 〈(゜。゜)  Two boxes of cream/liquid/dye/whatever was indeed too much but it gave better result than using only one box!
I read some reviews about fresh light hair dye from several people and there’re different reactions to this hair dye as not all color would turn out as expected, yet some color would turn out as expected. But for me personally I really like the result of mysterious beige and I’m glad that I used two boxes else I’d be not as delighted as now lol ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ I want to try their blonde color either passion blond or lemon blond…. I wish more colors will be sold in my country though…. I still really wanna try their champagne beige  (*´・v・) 

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