January 27, 2013

Crazy Chocolate Pancake

Yesterday was the last day of school, and I wanted to skip all of the classes as I was very lazy and tired. But I went to the campus at last, only for getting extra points for alin subject ( ̄ェ ̄;) And I skipped matdis, and went home. I had japanese language final exam at 1pm, but I was too lazy and I don’t really wanna active in the japanese club anymore so I decided to go home instead.
I went home and do some stuffs, then I fell asleep for a quite long time. When it’s already dinner time, my mom woke me up but I was really sleepy so I went back to sleep. Then she woke me up again 30min later. I was in extremely bad mood since I was still really sleepy ((( ̄へ ̄井)
Then we went to cp for dinner. We went to nanny’s pavillon. I ordered nanny’s customer’s fries, crazy chocolate pancake and strawberry lemonade.
I’ve ordered the waffle version before, but as I was craving for pancake for quite some time, so I chose the pancake one. It was good, but it didn’t really satisfy me though……
As I knew that I’d still be hungry after eating the pancake, so I also ordered this one. I really love this one, especially the mozarella cheese and the mayonnaise ~
Nothing really special about the drink……
Afterwards, I and my mom went to carrefour to do grocery shopping. I bought some snacks…. so I’ll get fatter soon enough ( ̄~ ̄;)I met two of my classmates there, the double As, so unexpected.

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