January 28, 2013

Champs Patisserie

There’s a new patisserie in cp called Champs Patisserie which specialises in Milk Crepe/Mille Crepe/Crepe Cake. I usually eat mille crepe in sushi tei, which is my favorite so far, and I’ve also tried the one in pancious.
The main branch of Champs Patisserie is in PIK, I’ve never been there though. I also didn’t know it exists till it opened its new branch at cp. It has the tagline which I really rally hate, “A revolution of Lapis, unforgettable simple.” Seriously? You put mille crepe the same as kue lapis? Are you nuts? ( ಠ ಠ ) Even though you don’t put “kue lapis” directly there but most of people will think of it, right? Even my mom does! And this was quite a debate I had with my mom, because she didn’t know about milk crepe, so she thought it really is a “revolution of lapis”. Duh (¬д¬。) Mille crepe has been there since ages ago, and now you claim it as yours? Well you don’t claim it as yours, but it seems so to me ~,~ Rather than getting angry and bash the shop it’s better to me to post the pictures of their products that I bought.
I bought two, the original for me, and oreo for my mom.
This is the original flavour one, which is vanilla flavoured. It was good, light and not too sweet so I don’t feel queasy after eating it, and I don’t feel full either, as usually I feel full after eating the sushi tei’s one.
This is the oreo flavoured one. It’s my mom’s but I also ate some of it lol. It’s good and I like it. There’s oreo biscuit in it. And much less sweet than the vanilla one. I think I’ll buy this one rather than the vanilla in the future.
There’s also one thing that I like, which is the reminder on the box, “best served in 3 days.” It might be not so important, but it’s important though. Else it may taste not as good as the time you just bought it~

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