December 23, 2013

A lot of food

My mom bought 20 puyo last Saturday! and there’s only 4 left now lol
I really love the silky dessert! I think it’s made of soy milk with yoghurt. My mom said it contains yoghurt. So I hope I’m not getting fat because of puyo!
I went to GI with my mom yesterday. I bought milky way puddings! I wanted to buy the green tea one but it’s sold out so I bought the milky berry and chocolate one~
and also a cake in a jar…. it’s nutella red velvet but it’s not as good as I expected…..too much butter and I don’t like the butte-ry flavour….
aaaaand finally CoCo Ichibanya Curry has opened its first store in Indonesia! I really love coco’s curry!!!! I went to CoCo at Terminal 21 in Bangkok last May and I really love the omelette curry that I ate! I ordered the omelette curry again but this time with creamy mushroom + the fried chicken topping
it’s just so good I love it I wish they’ll open a branch in the mall where I live nearby. The place wasn’t that big so even though it’s just recently opened but I have to wait to get a seat!
I also bought this super hot macaroni near my campus last Saturday. I know it’s not healthy at all but it’s so delicious and hot and addicting LOL. I love spicy food!
I also finally got to try the ice cream from ron’s laboratory! I wanted to buy the red velvet one but it’s sold out so I bought this one. It’s dark chocolate and since it’s dark chocolate so it’s bitter. 
My mom bought the avocado with espresso injection. The value of this ice cream parlor is they serve some of the toppings inside an injection. 
I’ve read reviews about ron’s laboratory and there’s really nothing special about

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