December 28, 2012

Fresh Light Hair Dye: Melty Mocha & Mysterious Beige

I’ve dyed my hair with fresh light with Fresh Light twice this year. The first one was Melty Mocha then the second one was Mysterious Beige. Actually I wanted to try mysterious beige at first, but I stupidly listened to the person who worked at the drugstore saying that the melty mocha would look better. Then after bought it I just remembered that I should buy lighter color as my hair was dark so the result might not really show.

I didn’t really notice any difference after I dyed my hair with the melty mocha with my previous hair color which was dyed by a proffesional that I don’t remember what was the color name. I thought my hair would become darker since this color was quite dark, but it didn’t. Perhaps because of the red tone on my hair? My mother even said there’s no differences at all. And unfortunately I didn’t have any picture of my hair after dyed by this -_-
Then a month later, I dyed my hair with another Fresh Light Mysterious Beige. But this beige color may be the old beige and fresh light doesn’t produce it anymore since I can’t find it on their official website. My hair was already brassy so my biggest fear for dyeing it with this color was my hair would turn orange. I did some research though about the what tone was beige and such but somehow I didn’t know what tone it was at the end -_- So I just dyed it hoping it wouldn’t turn orange.

And the result was…………I like it..although my hair was still brassy and almost orange and I hate that. My friends said the color was good and nice and such though, so it’s not that bad perhaps. If my hair wasn’t brassy, the color might turn out much better I guess.

This was how brassy my hair was, taken using flash, although I actually still liked it because the color wasn’t dark. But it was exposed to sunlight………it was somewhat disaster…to me….

This was taken without flash, and it didn’t look that bad though. And my mother could notice the difference, unlike the melty mocha. She said this one was more blonde than the previous one. So I guess beige is the color somewhat between blonde and brown(?). 
I wanna dye my hair lighter actually, but not like platinum blonde or such since I don’t think it will look good on me since I’m somewhat a little tan. Not that tan though, but still not as white as like Japanese or Korea skin. My skin still can be considered as light color though, but my skin could really get tan easily. Even my face will turn pink when I’m exposed to the sunlight for only a short amount of time -_- So I actually really avoid the sunlight exposure -_-
There’s a new Fresh Light color that I wanna try. It is Champagne Beige. And this picture is from its official website.
The color isn’t too blonde but still a light color, not brown either. Hopefully this will sold in my country soon or else I have to buy it online which will cost more -_-

and here's Fido and I when my hair was colored with the mysterious beige~

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